H ello DFW scooter riders, Kevin here, It is with a heavy heart that I have to announce today the ending of an era. The Ready Steady Go Scooter Club will be shutting down, and closing its website soon. Due to the original ride leaders moving on from scooters, and a general drop in the scooter community in DFW, were going to let this group go. We will be closing the website, but will still leave the RSG Facebook group open so that people can still connect there if they want. I will still be hosting 2-3 rides a year such as the Mardi Gras Parade in Oak Cliff, and will post info there as well as the two groups below.

I would also like to direct you to some other DFW scooter groups. The Blue Meanies Scooter Club is still operating out of the Mid-Cities area, and have a group on Facebook you can join to get more info on their Sat rides.

Another Facebook resource is the Texas United Scooter Club. This is a Texas wide group keeping people up to date on rallies in the state, people in different cities sometimes plan events there as well.

As our time here end, I want to personally thank everyone who ever came out on a ride, and double thanks to all of those who took on leadership roles in our group as ride leaders and planners. I had a ton of fun with everyone and truly enjoyed all the rides with the RSG. Most of all I would like to make an HUGE shout out to Dave Kramer. He is the founder of RSG and really put the group on the map. Even after an injury took him out of the scooter community he kept the website going for years while unable to ride. To Dave we tip our helmet and thank him for everything he did.

RSG gave me friends I will never forget, and I will see you all on the road at some point I hope. Ride safe, Kevin Hahn