About Our Club

Ready Steady Go Scooter Club - Our humble beginnings.

Ready Steady Go Scooter Club

Well it started like this...

I was looking for a group of scooter folks to zip around town with. I couldn't  find what I was looking for in the other scooter clubs, so I thought I would start my own. I posted a notice on one of the scooter forms that basically said, "I'm looking for other scooterist that want to do a Dallas inner city  ride. with a few short stops, at interesting places, to shoot photos. Then finish the ride with a good meal and conversation."

The response I received back was very encouraging, and one scooterist, Jeremy Sharp, said he had been wanting to do the same thing. He already had a great name for the club, "Ready Steady Go Scooter Club," (from the popular 60's British TV show). Click here to see video

We decided to combine our efforts together to create a different type of scooter club. With these objectives.

Ready Steady Go Scooter Club • To have a long ride with other scooterist.
• To travel down fun and interesting roads.
• To ride on certain streets, so we can be seen by others,  (to promote scooter
   riding, and to say " hey, look at me")
• To make brief stops at interesting location to take photos and look-a-round
• To share a meal together where we can get to know each others.

If this sounds fun to you, then you must join us on one of our rides (Guest List). If you have any more questions send them  off to us by way of the Contact Page.

See you on the road,
~ Dave